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2011-04-29 02:50:37 by Branduhn

I haven't been making flashes lately because i just have no ideas to animate... Either that or i get so fed with my inability to draw that i just close flash in frustration... I dunno, does anyone really care anyway?


2011-03-20 04:31:48 by Branduhn


I dont know..

2011-02-20 23:43:07 by Branduhn

I'll keep doing animtaions but theyre gonna suck because im drawing with a mouse.


2011-02-19 17:34:28 by Branduhn

Ive decided im not animating any more stuff until i get a tablet :D

HatStandMan And ClotheslineKid

2011-02-18 19:44:18 by Branduhn

Ok, So im working on episode 1 of a series called Hat Stand man and clothes line kid, or HSMACLK, for short. Its gonna be awesome, way better than anything ive done before hopefully, and im going to experiment on different art styles too.

Something something...

2011-02-07 02:06:04 by Branduhn


New toon

2011-02-04 18:37:52 by Branduhn

Working on a new series called branduhn's shorts the first episode is entitled "the banana dillema"
And i was working on a left 4 dead 2 parody but thats gonna have to wait, because i cant think of any ideas, and i kinda just wanna stick to short things atm. So yeah, when it comes out, enjoy!